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- Yes, mowing can occur before a spring clean up. Early season mowing schedules fluctuate as the weather does. Have no fear, your spring cleaning will happen.

- Mowing: 27 appearances is the average here in Chicago. You may find that Rooney has shown up more (and in some cases less) than this exact number. This is typical based on Chicago weather patterns. We take pride in making your landscaping the best is can possibly look through the season. Sometimes, we opt to stop mowing for a week to let your landscaping revive due to extreme heat or rain.

- Why did I get billed in November when mowing stopped in October? With our new billing, we divide your payments into equal installments due at the first of the month. These start in April and run through Nov.

- Mowing days may vary at beginning of season. Typically by the middle of May the mowing schedule is consistent.

- Your specialty services will NOT be performed on your mowing appearances. These are separate.(See Specialty Services)



- Fall Clean up services are typically 3 separate appearances that usually start in the month of October and end in November. If there’s an early leaf drop, it can start in early October and early snow fall could mean it finishes in December.

- Fall Clean Ups: First 2 are dedicated to removing leaves from turf areas, driveways, patios. The final clean up is typically when we cut all perennials and through cleaning of beds.



- Specialty Services are appearances by a specifically trained crew.

- Specialty appearances do not happen with mowing appearances.

- Specialty Services Include: Hand pruning of shrubs, bed edging, bed weeding, and deadheading perennials, In addition, our crew will diagnosis trouble spots or any plant disease.

- Specialty Services does NOT include mulch, major plant removal or any plant installation. This also includes storm damage.

- Specialty services do not start until approx. 4 weeks after spring clean up.

- Typically, appearances are every 3 weeks starting in May and ending in October..

- What's the difference between dormant pruning and specialty services? Even though both are pruning, specialty is maintaining your plant during the growing season. Dormant pruning is much more labor intensive and it's the rejuvenation of the plant during dormancy.


- All Credit Card Processing is 100% secure and we are insured against credit card theft.

- Yes, we can help if you have a planned special event and need a little more attention quickly. Please call us and notify us at least 5 days before the event...we will make your landscaping look perfect.


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