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landscaping arlington heights landscaping arlington heights
landscaping arlington heights landscaping arlington heights

Below are all the landscaping services Rooney offers to its neighbors in Arlington Heights, Palatine and Buffalo Grove. You can see that we are a full service operation. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or fill out the quick quote form to the right!

- Award Winning Paver Driveway Design and Installation:

While there are many contractors in the area who install custom paver drieveways, Rooney simply stands above the rest. The attention to detail, the foundation, the look and material are installed by artisians. If you are thinking of having your driveway redone, look to Rooney to make your dream a reality. More...

- Paver Sidewalks and Walkways The Flow

Custom sidewalks and walkways can turn an ordinary path into an experience. Rooney follows the aesthetics of the surrounding landscape designs a perfect, flowing traffic pattern that is in harmony with its surrondings. More...

- An Outdoor Living Extension: Patio Design and Installation

Rooney rarely see's a custom patio is a "patio", but an extension of your living area. If you love to entertain, if you love to sit and relax, then Rooney Landscape can turn this space into a relaxing area. The difference is the time and effort given to each cut we make for each stone to ensure everything fits perfectly and correctly. We strive for harmony, we strive for perfection...and that's why so many trust Rooney with their outdoor living area. More...

- Award Winning Landscape Design By Rooney Is Unmatched

As many of our existing customers would say, John Fitzgerald and Dave Rooney is a team that cannot be touched when it comes to landscape design. John's vision and creativity for what YOU want will be evident the first time you meet him. A perfectionist at heart, John tirelessly evaluates your feedback and your statements to design and create YOUR beautiful landscape. The Rooney Team installs this vision over the watchful eye of John. Every plant, every brick, every tree, every cut.... they all have a purpose...they all have a reason. The parts make up the whole and there's no one around who gives so much attention to landscaping design. More...

- Plantings By Rooney Can Make All The Difference

Rooney has a full array of plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and much more. But it doesn't stop there, our preparation to install any plantings goes much further then digging holes and dropping living things into clay. We prepare the beds, we till and grade to ensure that the picture in your mind will bloom into a real scene. Unlike other landscaping companies, Rooney is adamant on planting items correctly so the living item can grow into the beauty it's intended to have. Yet another example of the "Rooney Difference". More..

- >Stay Warm At Night and During The Colder Days: Outdoor Fire Pit's By Rooney

In the recent years, many homeowners have gone into the night with their outdoor living areas and to keep warm, a fire pit is the perfect answer. Rooney has installed hundreds of fire pits and have taken things to new levels by running gas. Installed by a professional plumber, we take all the necessary precautions for a secure gas line that will work both in the summer and the winter. With an inlay of glass, you will see why our firepits stand above the rest. More..

-Cooking Outside Can Not Be Beat With Rooney's Outdoor Kitchen's

If you love to cook, if you love to entertain, then a custom outdoor kitchen by Rooney is just the ticket. With our design, you can incorporate the kitchen elements into your patio or outdoor living space seamlessly. We've installed partial kitchens to full service kitchens with marble counters, gas burning grills, refrigerators, sinks, and much more. Your ideas are what Rooney loves.... and we love a challenge. More..

- Lawn Seeding

Bare lawn? Dead spots? No problem. Let our maintenance crew review and renew your lawn. Temporary sprinkler options are available. More..

- Year Around Landscape Maintenance including Spring Clean Ups, Fall Clean Ups and Enhancements.

Rooney Landscape's lawn maintenance is second to none. We offer full service lawn maintenance that so many love that we always reach capacity early in the year. If you want to experience, professional, on time, clean and courteous lawn professionals, look to Rooney.. More...

- Yard Drainage / Lawn Dranage

Rooney Landscape is an expert with pitch and the water flow. Saving your basement from flooding is a very serious endeavor and you want someone on your side that can deliver a drainage system that works. Even if you need some guidance, let a Rooney professional come out and talk to you about your situation. Most of the time, a small tweak is all that is needed. More..


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