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landscaping arlington heights landscaping arlington heights
landscaping arlington heights landscaping arlington heights

Common Yard Drainage Issues:
* Standing water in yard
* Reverse pitch on grade (foundation over-dig)
* Downspouts undermining pavers
* Pooling by sidewalks and walkways

Rooney's Yard Drainage Solutions:
* Yard drainage regrading
* Landscape drainage regrading
* Downspout water re-routing: Dry wells (Sometimes as elaborate as tying into existing municipal storm sewers)
* Recontourning swales
* Sump pump discharge re-routing
* Perforated drain tile

While most yard drainage solutions are simple and require a new grade near fixed objects, Rooney is equipped to handle extensive solutions including dry wells and downspout underground gutters.

Many times, yard drainage projects involve transplanting of plants, removal of pavers, etc. Rooney's expertise can not only fix your drainage problem, but has the resources to return everything back together as if no one was ever there. Whereas most weather proofing companies only worry about fixing your water problem and do not have the skill to restore your yard or landscaping to it's original state.

In addition, most landscapers use polyurethane pipe (black coiled) which ultimately fail due to freeze/thaw. Rooney only uses rigid pvc pipe that ensure pitch is kept and standing water does not occur in the pipe.


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