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landscaping arlington heights landscaping arlington heights
landscaping arlington heights landscaping arlington heights

Homeowners are looking for a touch of class with their home, and a paver driveway is the perfect choice. Rooney Landscape is the leading Arlington Heights paver driveway contractor for good reason. The difference is that our process is much more involved then what most paver companies do. Not only do we want it to look beautiful (which it will) but it has to withstand harsh Chicago seasons. This is why we set a base that is strong, robust and compacted so the heave of winter or fall does not hurt the integrity of the paver setting.

Furthermore, we guarantee our paver projects for as long as we are in business. If settling occurs or if there is an area that seems to sink a little too much, we come out and fix it. No upselling, no charging a fee...we just fix it. This is what has made Rooney the sought after choice for custom driveways.

We stand behind our paver driveways 100% and want you to be happy. We even have a crew that is on call to fix other paver driveways that were put in incorrectly by the lowest bidder on a project. It's of no fault of the homeowner to choose the lowest bid. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Rooney understands that your home is your most important asset. When the time comes for you to upgrade your paver driveway, you want it to look beautiful. Whether you have a need for practicality or functionality, our team will not disappoint. We have innovative driveway paver design ideas and solutions to capture your home’s unique character and reflect your individual lifestyle.

Custom Paver Driveways in Arlington Heights Doesn't Get Easier.

The quality, the craftsmanship of a Rooney paver driveway is simply a cut above the rest. As stated earlier, we are thinking fit, form and function along with letting our experts give the look and beauty to accent your home. We are not brick layers.....far from it...and that statement is the Rooney Difference. We take all landscaping elements into account to design the perfect driveway that sits in harmony with your home.


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Finding A Paver Driveway Contractor in Arlington Heights

Homeowners that are looking to upgrade or change the way their driveway looks and feels, will have to find a local contractor that will not only deliver on the promise to create something functional, but has a proven track record in Arlington Heights. You’ll find that if you hire just any paver driveway contractor, you could have to get the job redone, or you may find that you are promised the world and get very little in return for your investment. It’s with that in mind that you should intervidw a couple Arlington Heights paver driveway contractors, and then settle for a top notch company that will help you. Amongst the many driveway contractors that you could work with in the community, one name stands out for a variety of reasons, and that’s Rooney Landscape.


Why Arlinton Heights Trusts Rooney At Their Paver Driveway Contractor

Rooney is a name that is synonymous for quality, and that’s not just because they are promoting themselves as such. As you do some searching on the web and look around the Arlington Heights area, you will find that their previous work speaks volumes as to just how good they are overall. They have proven to not only know what they are doing, but also have a knack for custom work and beyond. Even those that are a bit skeptical of online reviews will find that the proof is in the results, and they can be seen throughout the Arlington Heights area.

When you’re looking for a paver driveway contractor in Arlington Heights, make sure that you narrow down your search based on a few things. Look for quality reviews from people online, and look at whether or not others showcase the same kind of portfolio. There is a reason why Rooney Landscape gets rave reviews in the area, and it’s because they have a proven track record of excellence and are not just another fly by night company. With just a simple search, you will end up impressed with just how well they have proven to be the best.

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